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Server Administration

To go along with our website development, our team has used linux based distributions to deploy web and mail servers to suit our, and others, needs. We can help you deploy and maintain a server.

Website Development

We have many years of experience in building and deploying websites for various use cases. Our team has the skills to build software to support your unique needs using a variety of methods.

Computer Builds

Want to build your own computer? Do you need advice for building or buying a computer? Let us help you with those decisions. Computers are not cheap, so it's important to choose wisely.






Language Skills


Hard Worker


IMS - Industrial Managemnet Software

Youzhang is an iconic template catalog 3. This ionic template uses version 3 and uses the latest feature of ionic v3 that is Lazy Loading. With Ionic version 3 and Lazy Loading you don’t have to define all the components in the app.module.ts file and your hybrid app will get more native and it will make the app performance better.

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